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What are generator sets and what are they for?

When asked what a generator set is, I often compare it to a truck, given the amount of components the two have in common. 

However, unlike a truck, which is designed to transport heavy loads over long distances, a generator uses a diesel engine to produce electrical energy. 

A generator set basically consists of an engine, normally powered by diesel, an alternator or electric generator and a control panel, responsible for controlling the entire operation.

They can be used in developing areas, such as remote construction sites, which are not connected to the electricity grid, or in places where power outages are frequent. 

Generator sets are essential equipment to ensure life and avoid damage. It is never too much to remember that every second without power can put people's lives at risk in a hospital or cause enormous damage, such as the loss of frozen food in a supermarket or the death of thousands of chickens due to excessive heat on a farm. 
In addition, generator sets can serve as the main source of energy or a supplementary power source for an industry during peak consumption hours, contributing in some cases to reduce the load on the grid and consequently the value of the energy bill.

Interestingly, a generator does not generate energy. 

Calm down, I'll explain.

In fact, it converts various types of energy... 

The engine, in this case powered by diesel, converts the thermal energy, resulting from the burning of the fuel, to produce mechanical energy. In turn, this energy is used to turn a shaft, which makes the alternator work, transforming this movement, through electromagnetic induction, into electricity. 

This entire process, from converting the various forms of energy, to the right time to put the system to work automatically when the network supply is interrupted, is commanded by the control panel, considered the true “brain” of a generator set.

The role of the control panel and its importance in the operation of a generator set yield a new post, which we will publish soon. Combined?

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A hug!

Paulo Braga
President of Maquigeral 
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