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When it comes to generator sets, Maquigeral is one of the most remembered companies when it comes to power generation. 

With our experience accumulated over almost six decades, we finally rescued our essence and are proud to be a 100% Brazilian company.

We have already produced more than 50 thousand generator sets, which today are spread throughout Brazil and in several countries around the world. Whether helping the country man or ensuring the operation of hospitals, condominiums and supermarkets, our mission is to bring you the best solutions so that you always have energy!

Since last year, our company has gone through a new phase, centered on customer needs, seeking flexibility in the product line. 

One of the differentials of this new Maquigeral is agility. Whether to meet the needs of those looking for equipment or to respond quickly and with quality to those looking for our services.
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New factory in Itumbiara - GO
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Therefore, Maquigeral decided to review all processes, from customer service, through a new product line, to the long-term relationship with our customers.

Soon, our generators will be manufactured in a new and modern factory, strategically located in Itumbiara, in the State of Goiás, in the Midwest of the country.

In the coming months, we should also open a new headquarters in the State of São Paulo, which will bring together the administrative and logistics areas.

Our goal is to speed up deliveries and services, reducing delivery times and costs.

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See you soon!

Paulo Braga
President of Maquigeral
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