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When is the right time to invest?
when buying a generator set?

The worst drought in power plant reservoirs in nearly a century brings back concerns about the risk of power outages and the specter of rationing.

Today our dependence on electricity is enormous, after all, practically everything depends on it, from the distribution and treatment of water, through the treatment of patients in hospitals, to the conservation of food in the refrigerator and even on charging your cell phone. 

It is not by chance that the subject dominates all the news and becomes a major concern, not only of the common citizen, but, mainly, of those who depend on electricity to keep the business running. 

As this is a structural problem, that is, one that depends on long-term planning and heavy government investments, it often comes back to torment Brazilians.

And it is in this context that investment in power generators should be seriously considered by companies.

If you are thinking of investing in the purchase of a generator set, my first tip is
request a study to find out exactly what type of equipment will best meet your business needs. This is important, because a well-sized generator set guarantees better performance when required and a longer lifespan, optimizing your investment. 

In most cases, generators are used as an alternative and emergency source at times when the power supply is interrupted. And those who think that, by working for short periods, do not need to worry about the maintenance of this equipment are wrong. 

Therefore, another important tip is to hire a preventive maintenance plan for your generator set. So, in addition to keeping the equipment ready to work when you need it most, you reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and unnecessary expenses for your company.
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Whether to purchase a generator set or find the best alternative when it comes to maintaining your equipment, count on the experience and quality of Maquigeral's products and services. 

Talk to us and ask one of our technicians to prepare a detailed study of your company's needs and show you the best solutions in generation and energy. 

In the next articles, we will continue exploring the different powers, types of equipment and working regimes of generator sets.

Until our next meeting!

Paulo Braga
President of Maquigeral
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