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DuomaQ 60 Hz

If your company's need is power generation and high performance, Maquigeral offers the DuomaQ line, capable of guaranteeing auxiliary energy with the installation of two generator sets, with independent cooling, in a single 20-meter container.

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DuomaQ models are easy to operate and maintain, with the gensets being able to work in parallel, resulting in up to 1,250 kVA of total power. Among the various forms of operation, the two motor-generator groups can work as a backup of each other, feeding different loads with the same or different output voltages, or even, allowing the formation of a plant with 2 groups in parallel with synchronization and start/ automatic stop.


The DUOMAQ power generator allows savings in fuel consumption, as it can be programmed to drive only one of the generator sets, according to the need for reduced load demand.


This line can be applied to any and all situations that require generating sets with ease of transport and displacement, internal accessibility and maintenance, in addition to the possibility of operating economy, as the system allows the use of only one of the equipment, even if the another fails.


The DuomaQ line is lightweight when compared to equipment from a single generator set of the same power. Another differential is the payment condition, as the equipment in this line is part of the BNDES financing plan.


  • Standby - 900 kVA

  • Prime - 818 kVA

  • Engines - Scania

  • Alternator - WEG


  • Standby - 1000 kVA

  • Prime - 909 kVA

  • Engines - Scania

  • Alternator - WEG


  • Standby - 1100 kVA

  • Prime - 1000 kVA

  • Engines - Scania

  • Alternator - WEG


  • Standby - 1250 kVA

  • Prime - 1136 kVA

  • Engines - Scania

  • Alternator - WEG

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