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About Us 

Founded in 1963, MAQUIGERAL is today one of the largest providers of energy solutions in Brazil. Relying on advanced engineering, custom products and the delight of our customer service and support.

A 100% Brazilian company! We focus on solutions designed according to customer needs.


All BRANDS and Models

We have the largest variety of spare parts in the Brazilian market. We serve allbrands and modelsand throughout the national territory.

Avoid Headaches


​Perform periodic maintenance on your group  and avoid headaches with your equipment when you need it most. With MAQUIGERAL, you can perform preventive and/or corrective maintenance.
If you need to, buy your Tof Kit with original products, all with warranty.

We have the accessories you need.

Porta Acústica Anti-Ruído
QTA Comutatora
QTA Contatora
Tanque de Combustível em Polietileno

​To have a higher performance, some accessories are needed, either mechanical or electrical: 

- Maximize the use of your equipment
- Customize the way it will be used
- To reduce noise produced

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We have many more varieties. 
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If you prefer, talk to our team of experts by whats (11) 4785-6300 or 0300 378 6000. We will be delighted to assist you!

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