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Energy crisis: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Since the beginning of the year, the risk of a widespread blackout has taken over the headlines, appearing daily on practically all Brazilian news. All caused by the longest and most severe drought in the last 91 years.

The matter is really worrying, especially for Brazil where, according to data from the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), 67% of the energy generated in 2021 and 62.48% of the installed power come from plants powered by the force of rivers.

The lack of rain caused the level of the dams to fall dangerously, reaching critical levels. The alternative was to put all the thermoelectric plants into operation, which have high operating costs, and to adopt measures to try to reduce consumption. 

One of the ways to discourage consumption at peak times was to increase the amounts charged on electricity bills.

At the end of August, ANEEL announced the creation of a new tariff flag. Dubbed the “Water Scarcity Flag”, the tariff started in early September and will be charged until April 2022.

Salt bill...

For every 100 kWh (kilowatt hours) consumed, the extra value is R$ 14.20.
Before this new extra tariff, the last adjustment in the bills had taken place in July, when the red flag level 2 replaced the red flag 1. In that month, consumption of 100 kWh went from R$ 3.97 to R$ 9.49.
Risks will still last

According to meteorological experts, there is a consensus that, even if it rains a lot, the volumes will not be enough to raise the levels of the reservoirs of the hydroelectric plants, and consequently, will cause a lag in energy demand.

In other words, the risks should still last a long time.

Therefore, the best alternative to avoid the damage caused by interruptions in supply is Maquigeral's generator sets. 

And can you calculate the losses?

Investing in the purchase of a power generator set is an alternative against these risks. 

And do you know how much your company loses every time the power goes out? Maquigeral engineers developed a spreadsheet that allows calculating part of the damage caused by the supply cuts.
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