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Maquigeral® designs and manufactures electrical panels for generator sets and transfers.


Electric panels are designed to distribute the generated energy efficiently and safely.


Our team of experienced engineers and technicians review and customize designs to suit your needs.

Panel types:

  • Generator Control Panel (QCG) -  Its purpose is to drive machines and motors safely and quickly.

  • Generator Power Board -  It has the function of  protect the generator set. Our switchboards use circuit breaker for sectioning operation and protection against possible overloads or short circuits.

  • Command and Parallelism Framework (QCP) -  Panel with generator command for power plant operation and motorized circuit breaker for synchronism.

  • Distribution Board - Ensures the supply of electricity to all environments.

  • Automatic Transfer Board (QTA -  From two energy sources (network and motor-generator group), the QTA has the function of energizing the load by switching and selecting the appropriate energy sources. These frames can  count on:

     -Motorized changeover key

     - With a pair of contactors

     - With a pair of motorized circuit breakers

  • Plant Manager Board (QGU)

  • elevator selection board

  • Auxiliary services table

  • Protection relay board

  • Electric pump panel

  • Generator selection table a  TTA/PTTA -  Panels that make up your electrical installation complying with the norms: NR-10; NBR IEC 60439-1 and NBR IEC 60439-3.


Open Transfer Board

  • automatic start

  • switch

  • Accountants


Ramp Transfer Board

  • automatic start

  • continuous parallelism

  • Circuit breakers


Parallelism table between generators

  • Voltage and frequency stability and synchronization

  • load management

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